Technical Program

Conference Program

Conference Program


Thursday, 17th, Nov. 2011

08:30    Registration

            Venue: Reception Area M1607

09:15~10:25       Session 1 (Opening Session)

            Venue: M1603

            Session Chair: Prof. David Zhang

    Director, Chair Professor

    Biometrics Research Center

    Dept. of Computing

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


            09:15~09:20       Welcome speech: Prof. David Zhang

    General Chair of ICHB2011, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

            09:20~09:25       Opening address: Prof. Alex Wai

    Vice President, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

            09:25~10:25       Keynote Speech: Prof. B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar

    Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

             Title: Multiple Uses of Correlation Filters for Biometrics


10:25~10:45       Refreshment

            Venue: Reception Area M1607


10:45~12:25       Session 2 (Keynote Speech and Invited Talk)

           Session Chair: Prof. B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar


 Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA


          10:45~11:35       Keynote Speech: Prof. David Zhang

Director, Chair Professor, Biometrics Research Center

Dept. of Computing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

          Title: Hand-Based Biometrics: Research and Development in BRC, PolyU

11:35~12:25       Invited Talk: Prof. Jaihie Kim

Director, Professor

Biometric Engineering Research Center, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea

Title: Touchless Figerprint Recognition


12:30~13:50       Lunch

           Venue: PolyU Stuff Restaurant, 4/floor, Communal Building


14:00~16:05       Session 3 (Invited Talk and Oral Presentation)

          Session Chair: Dr. Lei Zhang

Associate Professor

Dept. of Computing

the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


          14:00~14:45       Invited Talk: Prof. Xiaoyi Jiang

          Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Munster, Germany

          Title: Mobile Biometrics

14:45~15:05 Looking for hand biometrics interoperability

Ester Gonzalez, Aythami Morales, Miguel A. Ferrer, Carlos M. Travieso

          15:05~15:25 Parametrical Study of a Vascular Biometric System

Jaime Uriarte-Antonio, J.Enrique Suarez-Pascual, Michael Garcia-Lorenz, Raul Sanchez-Reillo

15:25~15:45 A Novel Riesz Transforms based Coding Scheme for Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition

          Lin Zhang, Hongyu Li, Ying Shen

15:45~16:05 Biometric Identification Based on Hand-shape features using a HMM Kernel

Juan C. Briceño, Carlos M. Travieso, Jesus B. Alonso, Miguel A. Ferrer


16:05~16:25 Refreshment

Venue: Reception Area M1607


16:25~18:25       Session 4 (Oral Presentation)

          Session Chair: Prof. Carlos M. Travieso


Signals and Communications Dept.,

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


16:25~16:45 Using the Number of Pores on Fingerprint Images to Detect Spoofing Attacks   

Marcela Espinoza, Christophe Champod

16:45~17:05 Quality Estimation for Vascular Pattern Recognition

Sophie Martin, Daniel Hartung,  Christoph  Busch

17:05~17:25 Palmprint Identification using Kronecker Product of DCT and Walsh Transforms for Multi-spectral Images

H. B. Kekre,  Tanuja  Sarode,  Rekha Vig,  Pranay Arya,  Aashita  Irani,  Saurabh Bisani

          17:25~17:45 A Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Minutia Descriptors

          Jianjiang Feng, Jie Zhou

          17:45~18:05 Biohashing and Fusion of Palmprint and Palm Blood Vein Biometric Data

          Rihards Fuksis,  Modris Greitans, Arturs Kadikis

18:05~18:25 Orthogonal Complex Locality Preserving Projections based on Image Space Metric for Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition

Chao Lan, Xiaoyuan Jing, Wenqian Li, Xi Cheng


18:45~20:30 Conference Banquet

          Venue: PolyU Stuff Restaurant, 4/floor, Communal Building


Friday, 18th Nov. 2011

09:00~10:40       Session 5 (Oral Presentation)

            Session Chair: Prof. Xiaoyi Jiang


            Dept. of Computer Science

            University of Munster, Germany


09:00~09:20 Scattering Removal for Finger-vein Image Enhancement

Jinfeng  Yang,  Ben Zhang

          09:20~09:40 Type-independent pixel-level alignment point detection for fingerprints

          Changlong Jin, Shengzhe Li, Hakil Kim

09:40~10:00 A Structured Personal Identification For Single Sample Using Finger Vein Location and Direction Coding

Qing Rao, Wenming Yang, Qingmin Liao

10:00~10:20 An Efficient Method for Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition by Using the Information Fusion at different Levels

Zahra Shariatmadar, Karim Faez

10:20~10:40 Extraction of Binary Features from Fingerprint Topology

Oleg Ushmaev, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Vladimir Gudkov


10:40~11:00 Refreshment

          Venue: Reception Area M1607


11:00~12:20 Session 6 (Oral Presentation)

Session Chair: Dr. Lin Zhang

Assitant Professor

School of Software Engineering

Tongji University, Shanghai, China


11:00~11:20 Evaluation of Cancelable Biometric Systems: Application to Finger-Knuckle-Prints

Rima Belguechi, Estelle Cherrier,  Mohamad El Abed, Rosenberger Christophe

11:20~11:40 Keyed Scalable Minutiae Coding

          Bian Yang,  Christoph  Busch

11:40~12:00 Hand-dorsa Vein Recognition Based on Coded and Weighted Partition Local Binary Patterns

Yiding Wang,  Kefeng Li,  Lik-Kwan Shark, Martin Varley

12:00~12:20 Adaptive SIFT-Based Algorithm for Specific Fingerprint Verification

Ru Zhou,  SangWoo Sin,  Dongju Li, Hiroaki  Kunieda


12:20 Closing of the conference



Poster Display Schedule (Poster size: 1m wide * 1.5m high)

Thursday, 17th Nov. 2011

Poster Session 1

14:30~16:00 Venue: M1607

1. Multiple Feature Fusion for Contact-free Hand-based Biometric System

Xiangqian Wu,  Qiushi Zhao,  Youbao Tang

2. PCA-based Multispectral Band Compression and  Multispectral Palmprint Recognition

Yong Xu, Qi Zhu

3. A New Touchless PalmPrint Location Method Based on Contour Centroid

Li Hao, Zhenhua Guo, Ma Shouyu,Luo Nan

4. Characterization of Palmprint Using Discrete Orthonormal S-Transform

Shahla Saedi,  Nasrollah Moghadam Charkari

5. Semi-supervised Palmprint Recognition based on Simlarity Projection Analysis

Xiao-yuan Jing,  Qian Liu

6. An Efficient Hand Image Segmentation Algorithm for Hand Geometry Based Biometrics Recognition System

Mathi Vanan, PALANI SAMY, Selvarajan S

7. Robust fingerprint verification using m-triplets

Miguel Angel Medina-Perez,  Milton Garcia-Borroto,  Andres Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez,  Leopoldo Altamirano Robles

8. A novel composite framework for large-scale fingerprint database indexing and fast retrieval

Ruyi Zheng, Chao  Zhang, Pengwei hao


Poster Session 2

16:30~18:00 Venue: M1607

9. Assessing the difficulty level of fingerprint datasets based on relative quality measures

Shengzhe Li, Changlong Jin, Hakil Kim,  Stephen  Elliott

10. Palmprint Recognition by A Two-Phase Test Sample Sparse Representation

Zhenhua Guo, Gang Wu, Qingwen Chen, Wenhuang Liu

11. Embedded Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement System for Palmprint

Ma Shouyu,Wu Gang, Zhang Naiwen, Li Hao,Luo Nan, Chen Qingwen

12. Development of a Low Cost Motion Capture System to Analyze Wrist-hand Complex

Renato Coelho,  Daniel Coelho, Marina Figueiredo,  Gerson Cunha

13. Looking for hand biometrics interoperability

Ester Gonzalez, Aythami Morales, Miguel A. Ferrer, Carlos M. Travieso

14. Hand-Shape Feature Selection and Recognition Performance Analysis

Weiqi  Yuan, Lantao Jing

15. Hand Shape Recognition from Natural Hand Position

Irina Bakina,  Leonid Mestetskiy

16. The Driver Authentication Device Based on the Characteristics of Palmprint and Palm Vein

Tang Yonghua


Friday, 18th Nov. 2011

Poster Session 3

9:00~10:30 Venue: M1607

17. Finger-vein Image Restoration Considering Skin Layer Structure

Jinfeng  Yang,  Junjie Wang

18. Finger-vein Image Enhancement Based on Orientation Field

Jinfeng  Yang, Wanyin Wang

19. Band Selection for Improvement of Dorsal Hand Recognition

Kai Chen, David Zhang

20. Multi-modal Biometric Feature Extraction and Recognition based on Subclass Discriminant Analysis (SDA) and  Generalized Singular Value Decomposition (GSVD)

Wenqian Li, Xiaoyuan Jing, Chao Lan, Fei Wu

21. A comparative study on unconstrained hand biometrics

Alberto De Santos Sierra, Carmen Sanchez Ávila,  Javier Guerra Casanova,Gonzalo Bailador del Pozo

22. Person recognition using multi-biometrics: A multi- algorithmic approach.

Rajalekshmi C

23. Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Temperature in response to Different Levels of Reactive Hyperemia in a Three-dimensional Image-based Hand Model

Hongwei Shao,  Ying He,  Lizhong Mu

24. Fast Palmprint Identification Using Orientation Pattern Hashing

Feng Yue, Bin Li, Jiaqiang Wang


Poster Session 4

11:00~12:20 Venue: M1607

25. Decision Level Fusion of Fingerprint Minutiae Based Pseudonymous Identifiers

Bian Yang, Koen de Groot, Haiyun Xu, Christoph  Busch, Raymond  Veldhuis

26. A Comparison of Principal Component Analysis and Adaptive Principal Component Extraction for Palmprint Recognition

Azadeh Ghandehari,   Reza Safabakhsh

27. Speculation of Hand Features from Middle Finger Width : A Novel Approach

Manimala S,  C.N.Ravi  Kumar

28. A palmprint recognition system based on Gabor Wigner transform as feature extraction technique

Aloka Sinha,  Nirmala Saini

29. The Impact of Force on Fingerprint Image Quality, Minutiae Count and Performance

Stephen  Elliott,  Carl Dunkelberger, Michael Petrelli

30. Palmprint Identification Using LBP and Different Representations

Yang Zhao,  Wei Jia

31. Palmprint Recognition Using Band-Limited Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter

Wei Jia,  Yang Zhao

32. A Detection Method of Palmprint Principal Lines Based on Local Minimum Gray Value and Line Following

Weiqi Yuan, Sen Lin, Haibin Tong,Shudong Liu